If Twitter existed 150 years ago, Ulysses S Grant would probably have viewed it as a vain distraction.  Alternatively, the famously terse general could have thought 140 characters was enough to express any thought worth writing down.  In any event, this website will log the Twitter feed of Ulysses S Grant, as it documents his actions and thoughts regarding the events of the Civil War 150 years ago.

Header image is a detail from “The room in the McLean House, at Appomattox C.H., in which Gen. Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant” courtesy of the Library of Congress.

About the Author

My name is Stephen Terry, and I am a medical physicist and amateur Grant historian living in Lynchburg, VA.  I started this blog to study the life of Grant more deeply, and hopefully to share my knowledge with you.

I can be contacted through my contact page or at grant AT grantinwartime.com.