“The expedition, if it had no other effect, served as a fine reconnaissance”

Jan 20 1862 Wrote Capt. Kelton, “I returned this evening to Cairo leaving the last of the troops from here at Fort Jefferson.  They will be brought back tomorrow.

“The effect of the demonstration made by the troops, upon the enemy, cannot be positively stated, but there is but little doubt that Columbus was reinforced, likely from Union City and Camp Beaurigard.  Several persons came into our lines from Columbus whilst we were out, and two gentlemen are in today from New Orleans.  All agree in saying that public confidence in ultimate success is fast on the wane in the South.

“The expedition, if it had no other effect, served as a fine reconnaissance.  I have nothing official from Gen. Smith but understand that Camp Beaurigard was destroyed.  The detachment of troops from Paducah, that went up the Tennessee, landed two and a half miles from Fort Henry.

“Gen. Smith will reach Paducah, with all his force, tomorrow.  I will then prepare a report of the entire expedition unless the Gen. Comd.g Department should see fit to permit me to visit Head Quarters, as i have before desired.

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 4, p 74-5

O.R. I, vii, 565-66

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