“The citizens are very clamorous for Federal protection.”

Dec 29 1861 Wrote Capt. Kelton, “At Cave-in-Rock there are many refugees who have been driven from their homes in Kentucky and are now living in the Cave in very destitute circumstances.

“The country on the Kentucky side has been nearly stripped of all supplies, the Secessionists receiving pay and the Unionists driven from their homes.

“This portion of Ky. is within the Department of the Ohio, but is remote from any of the troops of that Dept.

“The citizens are very clamorous for Federal protection.

“There is an encampment of rebels at Hopkinsville, said to number about 3000 men, poorly armed and equipped, who if driven out would save this portion of the state much annoyance.”

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 3 p 352-4

O.R., I, vii, 523-24

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