Oct 20 1861 Wrote Julia, “What I want is to advance.”

Oct 20 1861 Wrote Julia, “I was in hopes I should have my Photograph to send by this time, but the frame is not yet made.  I will also send you several copies, not in frame, one of them for Lank.  I sent you $50.00 to pay Dentist bill and your rent.”

“We are all quiet here though how long we shall remain so is hard to tell.  There is a very large force at Columbus compared to ours. —  I am very sorry that I have not got a force to go south with, at least to Columbus, but the fates seem to be against any such thing.  My forces are scattered and occupy posts that must be held.  I will not write however what I intended.  It will not interest you only that it would be a defense for my not being in Columbus today instead of where I am, but would be very improper for the public to know particularly at this time when a publication of it would show our weakness to the enemy.  There is but very little doubt, no doubt, but that we can hold this place.  What I want is to advance.”

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 3, p 63-4

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