“My whole trip has been conducive to health if one judges from corpulence”

I have finally returned to Washington, and I wrote Congressman Washburne about a mutual investment matter.

Washington Oct. 8th 1865

Dear Washburne,
I reached this city yesterday and have been busy since in getting out orders I desire, and which I could get out in less than one tenth of the time if there was nothing between me and getting of them out, which will reduce expenses materially.—On arrival I found your letter relative to our Jay Cook speculation. I saw Cook. He says that he took advantage of our confidence in him and changed our speculation so that we will make about $25.00 to close out now. I said close. Even would be a good thing and I guess the best we can do is to let Cook close up for us at once.
My whole trip has been conducive to health if one judges from corpulence. I have got to be afraid to weigh almost. Mrs Grant and children keep pace with me, in enjoyment of travel, if one judges from the difficulty with which they are got up to time in starting from any point where we have spent a day.
Our kindest regards to Mrs. Washburne and children. Soon we will be fixed at housekeeping and will always have a spare room for you which we expect you to occupy when you are in Washington.—I left Mrs. Grant and children in Phila to do Fall shopping but will go after them this evening.
Yours Truly,

U. S. Grant

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 15, p 332

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