“We want now to discharge all troops that can be dispensed with”

I received the following from Gen. Thomas,

NASHVILLE, TENN., July 1, 1865.

(Received 1.40 p.m. 3rd.)

Lieutenant General U. S. GRANT,


General C. R. Woods has just reported to me in person. He desires to take with him to Alabama his old division entire. If he cannot take his division he desires to take his staff. I have just learned from General Canby that there will be left in Alabama and Mississippi, after the muster out of those ordered, 7,000. No changes in them till he learns from me what troops I have replace them. I shall send Hatch with his cavalry to Alabama, about 3,000. I have also 6,000 infantry, including regulars, to divide between Steedman and Woods, as soon as I can learn what Steedman has at Augusta and Savannah. If the Fourteenth Corps is to report to me for duty I should prefer leaving it in Kentucky for the present, as the political condition of that States is more critical to-day than either Tennessee, Alabama, or Georgia. With judicious management, I believe there will be but little trouble in restoring perfect order in the three latter-named States.



I replied,

WASHINGTON, July 3, 1865-2.20 p.m.

Major General GEORGE H. THOMAS,

Nashville, Tenn.:

General Woods can take his staff with him. There is no need of sending more troops to Alabama, at least not until he (Woods) gets there and finds he will need them. We want now to discharge all troops that can be dispensed with. All the troops now in Alabama Woods will assume command of on his arrival.



The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 15, p 240-1

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