“The gambling institutions will be completely broken up, and their money and stock confiscated”

There have been a tremendous number of gambling houses that have sprung up.  I ordered our commanders to close them down.


All department commanders commanding in States where martial law prevails will immediately put detectives upon the watch for gambling houses, especially faro banks, and at the appropriate time make a descent upon them all simultaneously, arresting all disbursing officers of the Government who may be found gambling in them or visitants therein at the time, and who, it can be proven, had previously gambled at such places. The gambling institutions will be completely broken up, and their money and stock confiscated, and the owners or proprietors of such gambling institutions be made to disgorge and refund all money the have won from United States disbursing officers. The officer so taken will be imprisoned and tried immediately.

The same proceeding will be taken by department commanders in the North, within their respective commands in the cities where disbursing officers may be located, except that instead of confiscating the money and stock of the gambling establishments or compelling, by military action, the owners and proprietors of the same to disgorge or refund any moneys they may have won from disbursing officers of the Government, they will be immediately reported to the civil authorities for their action.

This will be kept strictly confidential except so far as it may be necessary to communicate it to those who are to carry it into execution.



The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 15, p 217

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