Sept 25 1861 Wrote Julia, “How much I long to be back in Galena for a day or two.”

Sept 25 1861 Wrote Julia, “I received three letters from you today all written last month and two of them a month or more ago.  You complain of my not writing.  It may be that you have not received all my letters but I do not think that I have ever gone a whole week without writing and generally not more than three or four days.”

“All is quiet here now.  How long it will remain so is impossible to tell.  If I had troops enough not long.  My force I look upon as sufficient to hold this place but not sufficient to make an aggressive movement against the large force now occupying Columbus.  I see from father’s letter that he expects to come by here.  I shall be very glad to see him.”

“The news from Lexington today is bad but is considerably relieved by the report that the rebels are about to be taken and Lexington retaken.”

“Give my love to all at home.  Kiss the children for me.  Did you get the watch I sent you and $21 00 in money?  I want the other sent to me.  It is important that I should have a correct time piece and the one I had gets sometimes an hour out of the way in a single day.  Do you see much of our neighbors?  How much I long to be back in Galena for a day or two.”

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant p 311-2

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