“I will have an order made prohibiting the use of boats for headquarters”

One of my staff officers has returned from a visit to Wilmington NC and reports that matters are in a bit of disarray.  I wrote Sec. Stanton,

CITY POINT, VA., February 25, 1865 – 1. 30 p.m.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.:

General Comstock has just returned from Wilmington. He says that General Schofield arrived at the Cape Fear River without his transportation, and as he had to move about on the water asked the quartermaster of there was a boat he could use temporarily as well as not. He was told the Spaulding was doing nothing. When General Comstock left the Spaulding was to be loaded with wounded and some escaped prisoners. I will have an order made prohibiting the use of boats for headquarters.




CITY POINT, VA., February 25, 1865 – 2. 30 p.m.

Honorable EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of war:

One of my staff officers, who has just returned from Wilmington, says nothing has been done to save the large amount of ordnance and ordnance stores captured in Cape Fear River. I think the Chief of Ordnance should be required to take immediate steps to secure all ordnance stores captured on the coast.




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