“Sherman has but little over 4,000 cavalry, and Schofield none”

I am inclined to send Gen. Sheridan’s cavalry through Lynchburg in an effort to reach Sherman who is woefully short of cavalry.  I wrote Gen. Meade,

CITY POINT, VA., February 21, 1865-2.30 p. m.

Major-General MEADE:

At the same time I telegraphed you on the subject of the proposed raid I telegraphed to General Sheridan as to the practicability of his starting from where he is, in person, to reach Sherman, going by way of Lynchburg. I do not want to send both. Sherman has but little over 4,000 cavalry, and Schofield none. The main object is to re-enforce Sherman in that arm of service. I may yet sent the proposed re-enforcement to Wilmington. Going by Lynchburg would give us great advantages in cutting the Central road, Virginia and Tennessee road, the Danville road south of Danville, and the canal. If a division is sent from here it would have to be Greeg’s to same time.




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