Sept 21 1861 Received complaint of a lost negro Boy, said to be carried off by the 19th Ill.

Sept 21 1861 Wrote Lorenzo Thomas, Adjutant General U.S.A., “Complaint has just been lodged with me by a Mr. Wm. W. Howell of Jackson Missouri that on or about the 8th day of the present month he lost a negro Boy, said to have been carried off by some of the members of the 19th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers.”

“The 19th is now in or about Washington City and I respectfully refer the matter for investigation.”

“The Boy is described as being 21 years old, full 6 feet high, of dark copper color, foot remarkably large, and he answers to the name of Will.”

The Papers of U. S. Grant, Vol. 2, p 291

National Archives, RG 393, USG Hd. Qrs. Correspondence.

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