“I have great hope this will be the last Winter of the War”

I wrote Julia,

City Point, Va, Dec. 24th 1864.
Dear Julia,
Your dispatch to Fred, expressing your fears for our Freddy
was received and answered the moment it come to hand. Gen. Augur will not let his children leave Washington if there is any danger and Fred will not start without them. I think you need give yourself no fear.—I am getting quite well. To-day is the first time I have been out to dinner for three days. I know how much there is dependent on me and will prove myself equal to the task. I believe determination can do a great deal to sustain one and I have that quality certainly to its fullest extent.
The Richmond papers of to-day are very blue over the situation of Military affairs. They say all they can to encourage their people of course but still show a very great weakness in the South. To add to their calamities they have had a great fire in Richmond, burning up all their forage, which they attribute to the work of an incendiary. Every thing seems to be working well and I have great hope this will be the last Winter of the War.

—Kisses for you and the children.


The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 13, p 163