“A Richmond extra of yesterday claims great victory at Atlanta”

I started a letter to Charles Dana asking for news of Washington, and Rawlins finished it.

CITY POINT, VA., July 24, 1864-11 a.m.

Honorable C. A. DANA,

Assistant Secretary of War:

How does the pursuit after the enemy sum up? Have they been compelled to drop any of their plunder, and have we killed, captured, and scattered any of their force to speak of? What news have you from Foster? We hear nothing from him except through the papers. All quiet here. A Richmond extra of yesterday claims great victory at Atlanta; capture of a great many prisoners; 22 pieces; killed large number, among whom was celebrated Yankee General McPherson, also Giles A. Smith and T. J. Wood; that Hardee was in Sherman’s rear, and they expected that victory would be decisive. Sherman’s dispatches of a day later, which, of course, you have seen, place the matter in a very different light, save the death of McPherson. We will make a move here about Tuesday, but which one of two that are in contemplation is not yet fixed upon; when it is I will dispatch you.


Chief of Staff.


The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 11, p 301

O.R., I, xl, part 3, p 422-3

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