“I have determined to try to envelop Petersburg”

It seems we will have to settle into a siege of Petersburg.  If we can keep Lee held in place and sever his railroad communications, we should be able to get him to abandon the city.  I wrote Gen. Butler,

CITY POINT, June 20, 1864-6.45 p. m.

General BUTLER:

I have determined to try to envelop Petersburg so as to have the left of the Army of the Potomac rest on the Appomattox above the city. This will make offensive operations from between the two rivers impracticable until we are fortified in the new position taken up. To release as many of General Meade’s command as possible you may extend your left so as to relieve the Sixth Corps, the right of the Army of the Potomac. Reduce the force kept between the two rivers to the lowest number necessary to hold it and put all the balance, except the force north of the James, south of the Appomattox and between the pontoon bridge and the present left of the Sixth Corps. Make this change as soon as practicable and so as to relieve the Sixth Corps by 12 m. to-morrow.




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