“This is my forty second birth day. Getting old am I not?”

I wrote Julia,

Culpepper C. H. Va.
Apl. 27th 1864
Dear Julia,
This is my forty second birth day. Getting old am I not?—I received a very short letter from you this evening scratched off in a very great hurry as if you had something much more pleasing if not more important to do than to write to me. I’ll excuse you though. It only gratifying a little desire to appear angry that I am indulging in. Your letter enclosed three horseshoes from Mrs. McDowell which I will wear—in my pocket—for the purposes named i e to keep off witches. I am still very well. Dont know exactly the day when I will start or whether Lee will come here before I am ready to move. Would not tell you if I did know. Give my kindest regards to Col. and Mrs. Hillyer. Kisses for yourself and Jess. I sent $1100 to J. R. Jones to day in liquidation of my indebtedness.

Good night


The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 10, p 362-3

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