“I am rather sorry for it, or rather regret that my name has been mixed up in such a contest”

Apparently I have been the winner of a contest to receive an ornate sword. At a fair in New York, each donor of one dollar could cast a vote for either myself or Gen. McClellan, the winner to receive the sword. Julia was in New York and cast her vote for Gen. McClellan, but it was not sufficient. I wrote her,

To Julia Dent Grant
Culpepper April 24th/64
Dear Julia,
I see by the papers you are having a good time in New York. Hope you will enjoy it. But don’t forget Jess and lose him in the streets in all the excitement. New York is a big place and you might not find him.—A telegraph dispatch announces that the sword has been voted to me! I am rather sorry for it, or rather regret that my name has been mixed up in such a contest. I could not help it however and therefore have nothing to blame myself for in the matter.
The weather has been very fine here for a few days and dried the roads up so as to make them quite passable. It has commenced raining again however, and is now raining so hard, that it will take a week to bring them back to what they were this afternoon.
Remember me kindly to Col. and Mrs. Hillyer and the children. Kisses for yourself and children. Jess. I rather expected a letter from you this evening, but none came. I will write to the children to-morrow evening. Don’t forget to send me any letters you receive from them. I know they must be anxious to see you back.


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The Personal Memoirs of Julia Dent Grant, p 130

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