“I have sent in my recommendations for staff appointments placing Fred’s name among them”

I have been attempting to add Julia’s brother Frederick to my general staff, and now that I have been promoted, I have submitted that request to Secretary Stanton.  I wrote Julia,

Culpepper C. H. Va

March 25th 1864

Dear Julia,
I arrived here yesterday well but as on my former trip brought wet and bad weather. I have not been out of the house today and from appearances shall not be able to go out for several days. At present however I shall find enough to do in doors. From indications I would judge the best of feelings animate all the troops here towards the changes that have been made.—I find mails follow me up with remarkable promptitude. More letters reach me than I can answer.—I hope you have entirely recovered? It is poor enjoyment confined to bed in Washington.—There is one thing I learned in Washington just on leaving that wants attending to. You know breakfast lasts from early in the morning until about noon, and dinner from that time until night. Jess runs about the house loose and seeing the guests at meals thinks each time it is a new meal and that he must necessarily eat. In this way he eats five or six times each day and dips largely into deserts. If not looked after he will make himself sick.—Have you heard from Fred.? No doubt he got home safely. I shall go down to Washington on Sunday. You need not mention it however.—I have sent in my recommendations for staff appointments placing Fred’s name among them. I will know by to-morrow if they are approved. No doubt they will be however. I have put in the name of Capt. H. Porter, a very valuable regular officer, about such as Comstock, and still left one vacancy so that if Wilson should fail in his confirmation I can appoint him. I do not apprehend however any danger of his confirmation.
Kisses for yourself & Jess.


The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 10, p 225-6

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