“At Hd Qrs. I am constantly busy and as I get no rest away I do not know what I am to do.”

I am headed back to Nashville, but have stopped in Louisville. I took the opportunity to write Julia.

Feb’y 3d 1864
Dear Julia,
Owing to a break in the New Albany & Chicago rail-road I did not reach here until last night. This morning I called on Mr. Page’s family. Charles is quite unwell, confined to his bed. Disease more Hypochondria I think than anything else.
I go to Nashville in the morning. Have no more peace here than in St. Louis. At Hd Qrs. I am constantly busy and as I get no rest away I do not know what I am to do. I believe I will move temporarily to some one company post out on the rail-road where no body lives and where but few people are to be seen.
If you will send to the Photograph establishment on the N. E. corner of 4th & Walnut you can get some of me that are probably better than any heretofore taken. If they are send me some of them.
Louisville on account of the Crittenden Court of Enquiry is filled with Maj. Gens. I want to get away.—You will have no difficulty in going to Nashville by way of the river. Col. Myers, Quartermaster, came over here with me. On his return he will call on you and let you know that when you want to start he will pick out a good boat for you and see you safe aboard.—Jess’ pony is all right. I will have it sent to wherever he is next summer.—Orvil, the goose, has bought Collins out and is of course tied to Galena.
No special news from the army in front. Kisses for you and the children. Tell Jess he may kiss the young ladies for me.


The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 10, p 76-7