“Rations have been reduced.”

Having arrived at Chattanooga, the first order of business is to improve the supply situation before we are starved out.  I wrote Gen. Halleck,

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee, October 24, 1863-8 p. m.

Major General H. W. HALLECK,


All animals that can be spared will go back tomorrow to forage. One division of troops started this evening to Dave Rankin’s Ferry, to seize that place, to enable Hooker to possess the roads to Mountain Creek. Once there we will have water communications to within 4 miles of here, and can supply this place with beef cattle, or have them driven here as required. Rations have been reduced. The enemy is closely watched, but if he should move against Burnside, or break through our lines between here and Burnside, it would be difficult in the present condition of the roads to follow. I will, however, do the best possible.




The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 9, p 310-11

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