Aug 30 1861 “[T]he undersigned hereby assumes command of this post”

Aug 30 1861 Issued General Orders No 1 to Col. C. C. Marsh commanding the 20th Regt of Ill Vols.  “By virtue of instructions dated Head Quarters department of the west August 28th 1861, the undersigned hereby assumes command of this post.  Rations of sugar, coffee and bread will be sent your command.  For rations of meat you must depend upon the supplies of the country taking fresh Beef where you can find it.”

“In getting supplies you will be careful that your command do not help themselves but everything must be done by your order making a proper detail to execute it, and all supplies must be accounted for to the Benefit of the United States.  The names of persons from whom supplies are taken, the amount and cash value will be reported to these Head Quarters.  Where the parties are loyal citizens a receipt will also be given to be sent here and payment ordered.”

“You will proceed to Dallas and there await the arrival of Genl Prentiss reporting as early as practicable after the junction is effected when the undersigned under the same instructions referred to in Order No 1 will assume command of the combined movement to be made.”

“P. S. Upon further examination of my instructions, I find that the junction between Genl Prentiss and troops from this place is to be effected at or near Jackson.”

National Archives, RG 393, Western Dept. Letters Received


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