Aug 23 1861 “Drill and discipline is more necessary for the men than fortifications”

Aug 23 1861 Wrote Capt. Butler, “I telegraphed you yesterday the precarious condition Lexington was in, and of the expedition I was fitting out for the relief of that point.  As the gentleman from whom I got my information, (Mr Silver) called upon you, it is not necessary that I should enter into particulars.  Col Marshal goes in command of the expedition, taking with him all his own command, about three hundred homeguards and a section of Taylor’s Battery, should it arrive in time.  They will subsist off the country through which they pass under full instructions.”

“I am not fortifying here at all.  With the picket guard and other duty coming upon the men of this command there is but little time left for drilling.  Drill and discipline is more necessary for the men than fortifications.  Another difficulty in the way of fortifying is that i have no Engineer officer to direct it, no time to attend to it myself, and very little disposition to gain a “Pillow notoriety” for a branch of service that I have forgotten all about.”

National Archives, RG 393, USG Hd. Qrs. Correspondence, O.R., I, iii, 452-53

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