“Any further assault on the enemy’s works will for the present cease.”

I have sent orders to my Generals to halt plans for another assault and to begin siege operations.  I wrote Gen. McClernand,

NEAR Vicksburg, MISS., May 23, 1863.

Major General John A. McClernand,

Commanding Thirteenth Army Corps:

Your dispatch of last night is received. Any further assault on the enemy’s works will for the present cease. Hold all the ground you have acquired; get your batteries in position, and commence regular approaches toward the city.

Order General Quinby to his former position on your right, and to report to his corps commander. Send McArthur’s whole force back to the Big Bayou crossing of the Warrenton and Vicksburg road, with instructions to hold that crossing and the adjacent highlands. Keep all roads south of you leading to the city well watched. There are plenty of supplies at Chickasaw Bayou Landing. Direct your commissary to get up full rations for your men, and your ordnance officer full supplies of ammunition.

By order of Major General U. S. Grant:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


O.R., I, xxiv, part 3, p 343

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