“I have been fretting here for several days to get ready to attack Grand Gulf”

I wrote Julia,

Perkins, Plantation La.

April 28th 1863

Dear Julia,
I have been fretting here for several days to get ready to attack Grand Gulf with weather roads and water all against me. I will however be ready to-day and possibly make the attack. Tomorrow morning at furthest will see the work commenced.
I feel every confidence of success but may be disappointed. Possession of Grand Gulf too I look upon as virtual possession of Vicksburg and Port Hudson and the entire Mississippi river.
Myself, Staff & Fred will be off in a little tug witnessing the Naval attack upon land batteries and the debarkation of troops to carry the heights. I feel very well but a good deal disgusted. The want of a servant to take care of my things and pack up when we leave any place has left me now about bare of some necessary articles. I am always so much engaged on starting from anyplace that I cannot look after things myself. Did you think to send Nicholas?
Be sure and attend to the business you went on as I directed. I hope John will not want to take $40 per acre for 40 acres more land because it is more than it would bring, for cash, and I do not want it. Then too there is still an encumbrance on the whole place that may have to be paid some day and is at least a defect in the title.
Give my love to all at your house. I have been intending to write to Emma for some time but somehow I am either too lazy or have too much to do. Tell her I think just as much of her as though I wrote every week.
You had better not return to Memphis until you hear of me in Vicksburg. You can then come on at once. After your business is finished in St. Louis you might make Nelly a short visit and then go to Galena or any place you like best. I do not like you to be at the Gayoso House without me.
Good bye


The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 8, p 132-3