“There has been some delay in the attack unavoidable on my part.”

Mar 30 1863.  I wrote Julia,

Dear Julia,
Col. Hillyer, Fred. & Willie arrived here all safe last night having had a tedious trip on account of the storm. They were obliged to lay up at Lake Providence. Fred, is looking well and seems as happy as can be at the idea of being here. I have not had an opportunity of talking to him alone yet. You can stay at Memphis as well as any other place until the fate of Vicksburg is settled. There has been some delay in the attack unavoidable on my part. I hope to be ready soon however. Once landed on the other side of the river I expect but little trouble.
I never enjoyed better health or felt better in my life than since here. The weather however will soon begin to grow warm and unpleasant.
I have but little to write about that would interest you. Fred. is also writing and says he will write twice each week. I will require Fred, to read and study his arithmetic. I will not be able to hear his lessons much however. I am sorry Buck did not come down to stay as long as Col. Hillyer does!—I sent Jess, a Silver dollar by Orly. He must keep that as that kind of money is scarce. Tell Jess that as soon as he gets on his Maj. Gen. shoulderstraps he can order Col. Hillyer in Irvin Block.^ Col. Hillyer will be afraid of him. He must not scare “Old Blowhard” though.
Tell Col. Lagow to go home if it will benefit him. I would like to see him back here well as soon as possible but he can go wherever his health would be the most improved in the mean time.
Kisses for yourself and children dear Julia.

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 7, p  490-1

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