“Quite a little skirmish occurred back of Lake Providence on the 11th.”

Feb. 14 1863.  I wrote Adm. Porter,

To Act. Rear Admiral David D. Porter
Head Quarters Dept. of the Tenn. Before Vicksburg
Admiral D. D. Porter
Comd’g Miss. Squadron
I will give directions to have Willow Point visited as you suggest.
I have just returned from Lake Providence. The officer in charge there is very sanguine of being able to get into Bayou Macon.
Lt. Col. Wilson has explored Yazoo Pass to within three miles of Cold Water. Thinks it will be perfectly practicable to get into the Yazoo by that route Citizens have discovered this intention and have fallen timber into the stream
I have ordered down two Divisions more about 16,000 effective men from Memphis to Lake Providence.
Quite a little skirmish occurred back of Lake Providence on the 11th. between about one hundred of our men and three or four hundred of the enemy’s Cavalry. One man was killed on our side and five or six slightly wounded
The enemy lost five or six killed and about thirty prisoners taken among them several officers.
Blanchard^ is said to be moving on Lake Providence with five or six thousand men. Our troops will be very glad to see him.
If the gunboats are successful in getting into the Yazoo I expect great results. Destroying the Bridges at Grenada alone will be of iraraense value to us. I had accurate information by way of Memphis of movements of the enemy North of Jackson received last night. There is a force of five or six thousand in and arround Greneda Commanded by Price The Rail Road destroyed whilst I was down there is not yet completed as reported in the papers—Van Dorn is not up on the Tallahatchie as re¬ ported but over on the Mobile Road at Ocolona with a force about the same as Price has only much more Cavalry—
U. S. Grant Maj. Genl.


The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 7, p 323-4

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