“I met with a great loss this morning.”

Feb 11 1863.  I wrote Julia,

Dear Julia,

This evening I leave here to go up to Lake Providence to superintend matters there for a few days. We are not much nearer an attack on Vicksburg now apparently than when I first come down, but still as the attack will be made and time is passing we are necessarily coming nearer the great conflict. I have been remarkably well since leaving Memphis. I now feel about as I did on leaving Memphis last summer.

I met with a great loss this morning. Last night, contrary to my usual habit, I took out my teeth and put them in the wash bason and covered them with water. This morning the servant who attends to ray stateroom, blacks my boots &c, come in about daylight and finding water in the bason threw it out into the river teeth and all. I wrote to Dr. Hamline by the same Mail that takes this to bring with him if he should come down here material to take an impression and make me a new sett. If the Dr. is in Memphis I wish you would get one of the officers to hunt him up and tell him of my misfortune.

The river is now so high that the most of this country would be under water if the levees were cut.

Kisses for yourself and Jess. Tell Jess he must be a good boy and learn his lessons. If he learns all his letters before I see him again I will give him something pretty.



The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 7, p 311

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