“I have dispatched Hamilton to hold his troops in readiness … either for a move or for defense of Corinth”

Oct 25 1862.  I received a telegram from Gen. McPherson in Bolivar TN, informing me of a possible Rebel movement in his direction.

BOLIVAR, October 25, 1862.

Major-General GRANT:


Major Hayes has just returned from a scout to Middleburg and reports the cavalry in that vicinity were a couple of companies of cottonburners.


He also reports the significant fact that the railroad bridge at Davis’ Mill has been repaired, and that a very large force of Price’s army was 4 miles below Grand Junction last night. No further news could be obtained of them to-day. It looks very much as though Price was making a movement this way. All the appearances and information I can get here indicate it.





I replied to him,

Jackson, Tenn., October 25, 1862.

Major-General McPHERSON, Bolivar, Tenn.:


GENERAL: Your dispatch received. I have dispatched Hamilton to hold his troops in readiness, with three days’ provisions in haversacks, to be ready either for a move or for defense of Corinth.


Hold yours in the same way. The move of Price may be to cover the balance of the army in a move on Corinth. Should either place be attacked ten regiments can be spared from the line of the railroad to reenforce you with.




The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 6, p 191

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