” If the troops commanded by you are not a part of my command, what troops are?”

Oct 21 1862.  I sent the following telegram to Gen. Rosecrans,

Genl, are you in receipt of or have you any rifles for cavalry on the way for use of troops at Corinth.   If so, how many?  I remember hearing you say something on the subject and want to know so as to know how to distribute when they arrive.

He replied,

The ass’t sec’y of War in reply to an urgent Telegraph for cavalry arms which I sent to Mr. Stanton sends a list (27 00) to be sent to Col. Dickey, Chief of Cavalry, for various detachments of Cavalry of your command, but not one for the four (4) Regts which have been fighting on your front.

I appeal to you for justice towards these men.  They if any should have arms.

Two thousand (2 000) pistols and fifteen hundred (1500) carbines are required to arm them properly.


I replied,

Your remarkable telegram is just recd.  If the troops commanded by you are not a part of my command, what troops are?

The Eastern Dist. is the same to me and I have no partiality for any portion of it, over any other portion.  That Col. Dickey is the Senior Cav. officer in the whole district or department, as I understand by telegraph he now is, and as such I sent him to Washington to see if he could by his personal presence what I had failed to do by correspondence.  All the arms obtained by Col. Dickey will be distributed over my command where most needed.  Genl, I am afraid from many of your dispatches that you regard your command giving privileges held by others commanding geographical divisions.  This is a mistake.

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 6, p 163-4

National Archives, RG 393, Army of the Miss., Telegrams Received

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