“I shall go to Saint Louis in person to confer with General Curtis.”

Sept. 24 1862.  I have been given orders by Gen. Halleck to prepare an expedition destroy some Rebel boats on the Yazoo River.  I am to arrange with Gen. Curtis for cooperation from some troops of Gen. Frederick Steele’s division, particularly cavalry.  I sent this telegram to Gen. Halleck.

Your dispatch of the 23rd is received. The enemy being driven from his position in front of Bolivar by the rapid return of troops drawn from there to re-enforce Captain, and everything now promising quiet in our front for a short time, I shall go to Saint Louis in person to confer with General Curtis.


To communicate rapidly with the gunboat fleet and General Sherman at Memphis I would have to visit Columbus, and to go to Saint Louis will keep me away but little, if any, longer from my post than if I should not go. It will also save the possibility of my plan leaking out through the telegraph officers on the route. Another reason for my going is the fact that for several weeks my health has not been good, and although improving for the last few days, I feel that the trip will be of benefit to me. Hoping my course will meet with your approval, &c.,






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