“Independent forces can be organized here … Shall they be accepted and received into the service?”

Aug 29 1862. Major Rawlins received the following telegram from Gen. Rosecrans,

Major RAWLINS, Assistant Adjutant-General:

I have no doubt that the poverty and destitution of the mountaineers in Northern Alabama is such that we could raise a large force for border service. They appear to desire an organization as Alabama troops. I have suggested to them the possibility of being at once organized as Tennessee troops. It is the opinion of Colonel Mizner that this will not effect the purpose. Could you not obtain authority from War Department to organize Alabama and Mississippi regiments? I think the measure should be promptly taken in hand, or the people will be driven by want into brigandage.




Seeking guidance on this, I wrote Gen. Halleck,

Major General H. W. HALLECK, General-in-Chief:

Independent forces can be organized here, and from here east to Decatur. Shall they be accepted and received into the service? I am only in favor of it when they go into our old organizations.




The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 5, p 336-7

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