Gen. Logan: “I shall hold it or be burned in its ashes.”

Received report from Gen. Logan in Jackson TN of an attack there by rebel forces.

“My forces have been all sent to Bolivar against my protest; some two small regiments, not enough to do picket duty. My cavalry, including orderlies, have been sent also this morning.

“The road has been attacked this side of Humboldt and the bridges burned. I am sending all the force I have to repair and hold it. What will become of this place you can imagine. I shall hold it or be burned in its ashes.



I responded,

“What was extent of damage done the road? How far north of Jackson? What force was supposed to be engaged? Did we lose any men, and what number? Was the rebel loss anything, or did not men leave without firing? Had the train from Columbus passed?


“Major-General, Commanding.”

He replied,

“The extent of damages I do not know. The courier left while trestle was burning. Distance from Jackson, 14 miles. Force supposed to be some 300 cavalry. Our loss was said to be some 4 or 5 wounded. I did not learn that any were killed. Rebel loss, 4 killed and 5 prisoners. The train from Columbus had not passed down. I learn that a large cavalry force, with perhaps 200 infantry, crossed Hatchie last night about 18 miles from here. They may be the force.



I replied,

“Have we any force now at the burning bridge? Keep a sharp lookout for rebel forces, and if they are needed I will send you troops from here at once. I will have all the cars here in readiness to send troops should they be needed.



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