“If there is not to be an early move I will apply for a short leave and go home.”

May 31 1862, Wrote Julia, “Corinth is now in our hands without much fighting.  Yesterday we found the enemy had gone taking with them all their men, arms and most of their supplies.  What they did not take was mostly burned, in flames as we entered.  What the next move, or the part I am to take I do not know.  But I shall apply to go home if there is not an early move and an important command assigned me.  My rank is second in this Department and I shall expect the first separate command and hope it will be to go to Memphis and make Head Quarters there.  In that case I will write for you to join me leaving the three oldest children at school.  I will be writing you every few days and will give you notice when and where to come to me.  If there is not to be an early move I will apply for a short leave and go home.  In that case I may reach Covington as soon as this letter.

“Some of our troops are following the enemy and today distant cannonading has been heard.

“Although but few prisoners have yet been taken, many may yet be captured.  I hope so at least.  What hte rebels plans were for evacuating I am unable to see.  But they will turn up somewhere and have to be whipped yet.  The country through which we have passed so far is poor and desolated by the presence of two large armies.  What the people are to do for the next year is hard to surmise, but there must be a vast amount of suffering.  I pity them and regret their folly which has brought about this unnatural war and their suffering.

“Col. Hillyer will go home in a day or two for the purpose of taking his family to New Jersey.  If they go by the way of Cincinnati they will stop and see you.  Kiss all the children for me and tell me all about them.  How they learn at school and how they bear themselves among other children.  I will not be able to send you any money this month as it will take all my savings to make up the amount I authorized you to draw from Mr. Safford.

“Orly Ross paid me and I sent $40.00 a few days ago by Capt. Rowley to be placed to your credit.  There is about $130.00 rent to be paid in Galena which will have to be deducted out of the deposits made.  I have written to Orvil on that point.

“Give my love to all at home.  Write often to your long absent husband.”

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 5, p 134-5

Library of Congress – USG

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