“News received here … shows that the rebels have been … concentrating at Corinth.”

Mar 28 1862 Wrote Gen. Halleck, “Since the receipt of your letter this morning I have caused boats leaving here to be visited and all persons leaving on them to be required to show their passes.

“This course led to the discovery that a number of persons were going North without my authority, on leaves and passes given, in one instance, by a brigadier-general, in one by captain, and all the others by regimental commanders. As this course of procedure is in violation of my orders, I have ordered the arrest of all the parties, and will prefer charges against them.

“I acknowledge the justness of your rebuke in this respect, although I thought all proper measures had been taken to prevent such abuse, and will see that no such violation occurs in future.

“As I shall prefer the charges myself in these cases, it will be necessary to forward the charges to you to order the court. I forward herewith the names of officers proposed to compose the court, should you deem fit to order one. I would respectfully recommend, however, that these officers be released with a reprimand, which will probably do more good than to try them by court-martial.

“News received here from a Union man who has been a prisoner at Corinth shows that the rebels have been evacuating Island Numbers 10 for the last eight days and concentrating at Corinth. I give this for what it is worth. One of the gunboats makes daily trips as far down the river as Perryville, the point on the river where there is the most probability of a battery being established to annoy our transports.

“The conduct of the Twenty-first Missouri on their way up here has been reported to me as infamous. A constant fire was kept up all the way on the trip, and in some instances the citizens on shore were fired at. I caused charges to be preferred against the colonel, and the court is now in session trying him.”

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 4, p 434-5

O.R., I, x, part 2, 73-4

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