“I have no news yet of any portion of General Buell’s command being this side of Columbia.”

Mar 27 1862 Wrote Capt. McLean, “The steamer John Raine, sent with two companies of infantry and 40 cavalry to Nichols’ Landing after the balance of Confederate pork left there, has returned, bringing in with them from 100,000 to 120,000 pounds that was found. The pork is in good order, and has been distributed between the different division commissaries, with directions to issue it on the first returns sent in.

“The telegraph wire ordered here has arrived, and has been put up to-day through town and some ways into the country. I have ordered line as it is being laid. I have no news yet of any portion of General Buell’s command being this side of Columbia. I visited the different divisions at Pittsburg to-day. The health of the troops is materially improving under the influence of a genial such which has blessed us for a few days past. News having arrived of the promotion of General McClernand to the rank of major-general, without the date of promotion of either him or General Smith being know, makes it necessary for me to move my headquarters from this place to Pittsburg. I will not go up, however, until something further is heard from Buell’s command and until full directions are given for their transfer from this place.

“I would respectfully request that Captain Waterhouse’s battery be sent from Cairo to this place. I make the request at the suggestion of Colonel Webster, who says the battery requires drilling, which they cannot have at Cairo, where they now are, and here would be a good place for it. The Eighth Independent Battery Ohio Volunteers, Captain Louis Markgraf, has just arrived, and will proceed to Pittsburg in the morning.”

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 4, p 428-9

O.R., I, x, part 2, 70

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