“Slaves … within the lines … will not be released or permitted to return to their Masters”

Feb 26 1862 Issued General Orders No. 14, “General Orders No. 3  of the series from 1861, from Head Quarters, Department of the Missouri, are still in force and must be observed.

“The number of citizens who are applying for permission to pass through the camps, to look for their fugitive slaves, proves the necessity of the order, and its faithful observance.  Such permits cannot be granted, therefore the great necessity of keeping our fugitives.

“Such slaves as were within the lines at the time of the capture of Fort Donelson, and such as have been used by the enemy in building the fortifications, or in any way hostile to the Government, will not be released or permitted to return to their Masters, but will be employed in the Quarter Masters Department, for the benefit of Government.

“All officers and companies now keeping slaves so captured will immediately report them to the District Quartermaster.  Regimental commanders will be held accountable for all violation of this order, within their respective commands.”

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 4, p 290-1

O.R., I, vii, 668


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