“Our troops are now occupying Nashville. The rebels have fallen back to Chattanooga.”

Wrote Brig. Gen. William T. Sherman, “Your letter of the 23d asking what disposition I will have made of large reinforcements now on their way is just received.  I do not know what work Gen. Halleck intends me to do next, therefore cannot say where it is best to have them.  Probably they had better remain at Paducah until further orders are received from Head Quarters of the Department.

“Our troops are now occupying Nashville.  The rebels have fallen back to Chattanooga, only three miles from Georgia state line.  Two soldiers from the 8th Mo. regiment who were sent as spies have just returned from Memphis.  They describe the felling of the people as much inclined to return to their allegiance.

“Orders have been given for the evacuation of Columbus.  This I get not only from the men themselves but from a Memphis paper of the 19th which they bring with them.  There is a detachment of troops belonging to my command at Henderson Ky which there can be of no further use of detaining there.  If you have an opportunity of having them transported I would like them to return to their regiments.”

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant, Vol 4, p 288-9

O.R., I, vii, 667

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